The Little Store

Bill and Mary Lynn traveled the world during their careers and so often they found themselves in need of a host or hostess gift while on business travel. After a long day of working, most stores had already closed when they left the office. The few shops that were still open did not seem to have what they wanted or needed for last-minute gifts.

So, we thought, “Why not have the store in the INN with appropriate and well-priced gifts?” And why not add to that equation items for sale that are made locally or made in Virginia or in the USA?

We decided to destress the need for last minute gift purchases, whether you are on pleasure or business travel. Come shop our in-house little kiosk for gentlemen’s, ladies’, baby or home accessory gifts, sure to please the eye.



Made in America

Innkeepers Bill and Mary Lynn made a conscious, concerted effort to reduce the Inn’s impact on the environment through good practices of conservation, preservation, recycling, upscaling, repurposing and simple repainting.  In addition to these activities, they coupled their efforts to use Made in USA products for the upgrades and renovation.  Long advocates of Made in America manufacturing and US craftsmanship, Mary Lynn and Bill searched for building materials, wood varieties, paints, textiles, linens, carpets, wall coverings, trims, furniture and decorative accessories to include old windows that met the USA-made requirement.  Dashing from mills to markets to antique stores, salvage shops, consignment stores, thrift stores and sometimes even junk yards, they were able to complete their search.  When items needed to be purchased, they did their best to source US-made or North American Hemisphere-made goods.

You will be surprised at what you can find, “Made in USA” nowadays. It is encouraging, yet, frustrating that we still rely on the rest of the world to make products that were so well crafted-and even invented here-, and now we farm them out to other countries to manufacture.

“Buy American and give your neighbor a job” should be the hangtag on all US- made goods!