"Breaking the fast" at Southern Sighs is both a celebration and ritual to be enjoyed in the morning. We believe breakfast should be hearty, bountiful and satisfying, so we offer dishes to tempt the palate and a well-decorated table in a beautiful setting to please the eye.

The menu for your plated breakfast will change from day to day, but our typical selections include Johnny cakes with maple syrup and cranberries, crepes, egg souffles, Belgian waffles, biscuits, local eggs, local honey, Virginia produced cheese, fresh local fruits in season and baked fruits in winter. Bacon, sausages and regional ham, fruit juices, homemade granola and yogurt dishes are followed by coffee cakes. Steaming hot coffee and teas round out the meal. VOILA! The fast is broken and you are energized for an adventuresome day!

Afternoons may find you sitting on the front porch or around the fireplace with pastries and coffee or wine, local microbrewery beverages and snacks.

We look forward to serving you!

Local Dining Options

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